Astronomy Meetings and Observing Sessions

Watch this space to find out what’s going on and when!

Regular Meetings: Third Thursday of the Month

At the Café Manila on Los Boliches sea front.

New Members Welcome

We encourage new members of all levels. Beginners welcome. If you are just down here for a holiday and wish to come along you are very welcome!

Monthly Observing Sessions

Dark sky observing sessions are held in and around the new Moon, when we travel to El Torcal or other dark areas. We also are willing to go out to observe when different events are happening.

We hold two sessions per month with the Costa del Sol Astronomy Club (Mijas Costa Astronomy Club). Coin U3A are once a month, this is a lecture and observing session. Note: U3A events are for U3A members only.

So in any one month we have a weekly session and sometimes more. We are looking for active members willing to take observing sessions. We need this club to be active and encourage getting out there!


So let’s get together and enjoy Astronomy!

I love to observe the Moon, Planets along with Open star clusters. Double stars and Nebulas are also very enjoyable. I enjoy open clusters with binoculars or a low powered eye piece. In some of the larger clusters binoculars give the best results. I am just embarking on Astrophotography, so watch this space!

General Etiquette

  • Warm clothes and good footwear are essential.
  • Torches with Red Filter Lenses must be used, if you do not have one please either let us know or read about our guide so you can make one. I also have some good red filter film for a standard torch for only 1 Euro.
  • Respect for the equipment.
  • Car sharing – we ask you to made a donation to help with the fuel costs.
  • When we meet up for our deep sky events, we encourage members to bring along food and drink to share around. It just makes a nice social event for the evening.
  • Handout sheets, cost us and a small voluntary donation would be much appreciated to help with the costs.

Astronomy on Calamorro Mountain

Just to inform you all of this year’s Astronomy on the Calamorro mountain (Benalmádena Cable cars). I myself have been slightly in the dark / misinformed. To clarify what events are going on.

This year things are getting better by the fact the only days you can not enjoy the lectures are Saturday and Sunday! Monday to Friday from 2200 to 2330 hours a lecture in English will be happening! They have some very nice telescopes to look through, as well as a well informed lecture.

Carlos Malagon will be taking the English lectures. Who better with his wealth of knowledge in the subject. He truly is very experienced in Astronomy and Astrophotography. He even owns his own Astronomy shop! Carlos will make the evening very entertaining and informative, you are in safe hands. He has won many competitions for his images. He has helped many of us down here to gain knowledge, an all round good egg!

The trip up the mountain from memory takes about half hour, so to give yourself plenty of time 2115 on the cable car or slightly earlier.