Astronomy on the Costa del Sol

About Us

Hello and welcome to our website.

I am Lee Osborne an amateur astronomer.

I am in contact with the local astronomers in the English and Spanish communities. We go out observing in dark sky areas at least once a month. We also get out of town and observe in the local hills every two weeks.

I run a small club and arrange different observing events along the coast. We are a friendly and approachable group, that will welcome new members of all abilities. Beginners welcome!

We do not have a formal society — it is a group of like minded people who enjoy getting outside at night and learning about astronomy.


So let’s get together and enjoy astronomy!


A little background on me.

I have been interested in the night sky since I was 10 years old.

When Halley’s comet came over, I have been fortunate enough to meet Sir Patrick Moore a few times, along with a few of the other presenters of the BBC’s Sky at Night. Then I drifted away from astronomy in my teenage years until rekindling my interest in my early thirties.

I am a keen practical amateur observer of astronomy.

I belong to a few Astronomy clubs both here in Spain and in England, including Worthing Astronomers.

I have lived on the Costa del Sol since 2001.

In the night sky there is something for everyone of all ages.

If you just look up, have a pair of binoculars or even a small or large telescope you can enjoy the night sky.